You know what saying I fucking hate, Is you never know what you got till it’s gone, cause it’s always fucking true! WELL Fuck you too saying! >:|

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, That was the worst thing I have ever read in my entire life. I mean at least I know now, but like fuck man, that shit is heart breaking, It’s devastating. I loved and cared so much, I feel like my soul is made of glass and someone just threw a fucking boulder through it, like and the worst part is, it’s from my best friend, so I don’t even have anyone to talk to about it. Like I literally feel like I can not breathe, you ever had someone tell you something and you just kinda went blank, took a knee, and just felt like your life was being drained out of you. Well this fucking sucks, this fucking blows. What the fuck am I going to do now. All I have done in this life over and over and over will this forever keep happening to me. Sigh

OH GOD, I have never been more terrified to open this ask box in all of my life, I am terrified of what it says in there. HOLY SHIT I am palpitating!!! I may have to call in back up!!!

The newest addition to the family, my new baby, Straight Ak-47, 7.62X59MM, straight cut receiver, No wear to the bolt/carrier, Laminated wood AK furniture(Stock, ect, ect.) Less then $700 bucks. Like all my rifles and any man’s rifle she always need’s a women’s name, I named her “Kaity”  Rubberband man! Wild as the Taliban! 9 in my right .45 in my other hand! YALL IN TROUBLE MAN!! :P
We are veterans of the United States Army, We weren’t generals playing a war game on a map, we were special operations on the ground cutting throat’s and blowing people’s heart’s out their chest through their backs. I gave everything I had to this country…My life, my sanity my everything and they said they would take care of us..Now I am watching as the world goes by and I realize they don’t give a fuck about us. I down a 1/5 og whiskey and stare at the stars and dream of a life better then this one….Tumblr has flagged and removed this post twice, third times the charm bitch, so I cut my associate and our ak47’s out of this photo so their is no more VIOLENT OR EXPLICIT CONTENT in the photo or post anymore tumblr you anti-american, anti-veteran corporate cock sucking mutha fuckas….You get scared when we start to think and rise against this bullshit world we live in.  I use to fight for this flag, now I use it to hide my identity…from you and myself, cause I see it clearer, and I hate the picture in the mirror……Actions speak louder then words, When did it come to a point where I had to attack my own countrymen to make i clear enough to the world that the old ways are not working, so it’s on us to make a change for the future. This ain’t no Virginia tech shit or Columbine, 30 lives won’t do it, maybe 3000 will by the hands of american citizens, ex soldiers, I use to hate everything the Taliban stood for, everything they believed in, but now my enemy has become my closest friend, We all make choices in life, and what we do with our decisions, whether we go through with them or not is what makes us who we are…YOU chose your destiny, it’s not decided for you. You become what you make yourself, nothing is pre determined for you. To the moon and back if you want to, grab a hold of the stars and make them your own…Impossible is a double negative, nothing is impossible and impossible is nothing. That fucking word shouldn’t even exist. Just like all of this could have been avoided, had the world just gave enough fucks. Im sick of life, Im sick of everything, We all our is why we created the movement that we did. Why is it that words always get assassinated, and the actions that follow are always remembered…So long as there is men there will always be war, and so long as we want to prove points it always take buckets upon buckets of blood to be spilled…I use to want to protect life with my own, now I take it and give mine in the name of what seems righteous, even though I know nothing will change there is still the dim flicker of a burned out candle that it may, even though I won’t live to see it when it’s over…Cause when you fight for a cause you don’t do it so you see the immediate results, but you fight for a cause so that you know even in your own death that it may bring a fresh breathe of air to a set of lungs that has been long buried beneath the rubble of time, So that others may push forward into a new beginning….otherwise why fight for anything…So help me god our actions shed more then light to millions of blind eyes that stare upon this world with nothing but power and greed in mind…I planted my seed on this world, I have a beautiful daughter, My father is gone, My sister is dying, My brothers a junkie and my mother is strong, So my family doesn’t need me any longer…I lost the love of my life, my romance is gone…And the United States Army stabbed me in the back after 11 years of service….So there is nothing left to hold on to. Sometimes I ask god why is this my life, of all the good I have done, for every life I have saved, for the job I WANTED to do and all the hell that came with it, I have been kind to man, I have been kind to animals, I have always helped my friends whether they needed a place to crash at my apartment or they needed some cash I have NEVER told anyone no, I was good to my father in his dying days, I respected my parents all my life, I did anything and everything the army ordered me to do whether I thought it was right or not, for all of this I have done and this is the end you give me lord? This is what I get in return? I will never take my faith away from god but honestly do you see the irony? You can be the most fucked up shittiest person in the world and live the dream and you can be the most first class citizen such as myself and get delt the shittiest hand in the world….I didn’t deserve this, I wasn’t suppose to die like this, but you can see now how the hero becomes the villain…This is how villains are truly made not the bullshit you see in the movies, But when all good is exhausted in your life and you have nothing else to do with it, it’s not giving up, its just turning your attention and ambition towards something else….Cause if their is no evil then there is no need for good, and if there is no good then there is no need for evil, they are brothers, that need and feed each other. I am ready to die right here and mother fuck they life, This is a better days sacrifice….And if you feel that your right then nigga die for it, let them other fuckers try, at least I tried for it…..Cowards live, heroes and villains die for it…No guts no glory don’t get this shit distorted 

          you’d be surprised,

                          what I’d do for love.

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