I deleted that post so… Here it is again:D

If you love it enough in life, then it’s safe to let it go, cause if it truly loves you then it will come back…Even if it only loves you in a lesser form, it will still stay in the orbit of your life. And hell that’s better then not having it at all, people are a dime a dozen, they come and go your entire life, but there is that select FEW people that will collide into your life like a comet and leave such an impact, that it would be a goddamn shame to fill in the hole they left behind…I am half way to 30, fought in 2 wars, Have one daughter, nearly 6, and have been told by 2 girls that they want to marry me, It’s once in a life time that you even fall in true love let alone 2 chicks want to marry you, 1 of them I would have never married, and the other I wish I did, but shit happens, you got to roll with it eh, at least thats what you taught me, We all go through break ups, it’s part of life. But I truly feel like my one slipped away, I fucked up a lot I admit it, I am not the kind of person who won’t claim responsibility for their actions, I am a goddamn soldier I know what that’s like. I couldn’t refuse to even if I wanted to my girl was so smart and level headed she always knew before I did when I fucked up. She is the one that was outside a dime a dozen. And when I look back on it, it’s funny to me how I let this slip away, and I never even knew it… I feel like we are strangers now a days, I still have mad love for shorty, but I just don’t feel important anymore, and I guess I get what I deserve, I have done horrible things to people in my life granted my job, and I think I am being punished for it, cause I THOUGHT she was my gift from god for all the good I have done with this life, but then it get’s raped and taken from me, so ULTIMATELY it was my punishment in life, maybe it’s my fault, I am sure it is, Cause I never exactly asked to be forgiven for all I have done to my fellow man. The only thing left for me to go through is hell. ALL I can do at this point is offer you my deepest apologies and I am sorry I couldn’t be the man you wanted me to be, and that I wasn’t the man I could have been for you, I would do anything to have you back, but I know this isn’t where you belong. And I did everything I could have done. So long as you are happy now baby that’s all that matters…I’ve never cared about something like I have you…MY feelings mean nothing so long as you are alright, that’s all I give a fuck about. And I know you are good, so it makes it even easier….You will get everything out of life that you want little girl, I promise you that. I wish I could have been a brighter color on your bigger picture, but it just wasn’t suppose to be eh? Only thing I hate myself for is why the fuck you had to leave before I seen all of this? It’s all good though, you got cute eyebrows babygirl. :)  <333333


When I see myself in the mirror after shaving.

When I see myself in the mirror throughout the day