You wrapped your voodoo right around my neck

In this life I’ve been through thing I’ll never forget
Made mistakes and some I will forever regret
Life’s a bitch
But I’m still
Trying to love her to death
Ya feel me?

Me, I observe everything in my environment. Every single thing that is around me, every noise, every smell, every color, every object, every shadow, every person, every animal…And I listen to every single sound, the tone of someone’s voice and how they are presenting it, you catch liars that way, along with body language and eye movement, we were trained in counter intel and interrogation, The pitch of someone’s voice when they say certain words, count their respiration’s per minute to tell how panicked or calm they were, you dont have to stare at there chest, just watch the rise and fall of their shoulders that way you can play like you are never breaking eye contact…. Prob a side effect of my training and what I have been through…. But I watch it all even when it’s just from the corner of my eye. And the one thing I have learned about myslef is that when a stranger passes me, which given where I live about 1000+ do every day and that’s not counting work, I always wonder “Where have they been? Where are they coming from? And where are they headed?” “Where in life have they been, and where are they going, where do they want to be, and where do they not want to return to” “Does someone love them? Are they in love with someone?” “maybe they are happily in love” “Perhaps someone is in love with them and they don’t feel the same way or vis versa” “Is this the best day of  their life, or the worst possible one they could be having?” WE all have a story to tell, everyone unique, there are no sequels to our books of life. You will never get the same story twice out of one book. We may not be able to pencil it down but we are all writers, the world is our paper and our foot prints are the ink…..Follow them from start to finish and it’s a story, maybe a fable, or a fairy tale ending, maybe a drama or a horror story none the less it’s a story…. And an amazing one at that no matter who you are…..God knows mine is a story mixed all into one, The point is, that’s why I am so open and talkative to strangers, cause I don’t know what chapter of life you are currently writing, but if it’s a lower one or the shitty one then please by all means allow me to pick you up, it would be my pleasure. And if it’s a happy one then lets share the joy together! :P I’ll be 30 on my birthday. Sense the age of 17, I am turning 30, I have only spent 4 months as a civilian over 12 years, 2 wars, 6 deployment, USSOCOM operative, saved many lives, lost many lives, watched many lives fade, took many lives. That’s my foot prints and the blood of the fallen is my ink, That’s why I always wonder about those who pass by me, cause I wonder their story. I have about 10 scars, 3 that have fucked up my face, 1 bullet in the leg, about 200 stitches total, anxiety paranoia depression and the works from my story, and I wish I knew all those that passed by me that deeply. I just wonder about human beings, and any of my followers can messages me their story, and I encourage it, Cause I want to know and study it, and I want to help if help is needed, I just want to know. Love you all! SFC Brown

let me introduce myself

1. the meaning behind my url
2. a picture of me
3. tattoos i have
4. last time i cried and why
5. piercings i have
6. favorite band
7. biggest turn off(s)
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20. anything you want to ask

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I love you so much, always have, always will. And nobody can take it away from you shorty.