So I allowed this experiment to last for exactly 10 days. And the statistics go as follows:

49 messages :  Sorry, Sympathy, Well wishes, He was a great man Ect Ect..


So in my findings, can you believe that THAT many people would have told me/my family that they were IN FACT GLAD I WAS DEAD BASED ON THE FACT THAT I WAS A SOLDIER WHO DID HIS JOB, HIS SWORN FUCKING DUTY, Who offered his own life and sanity to fight for those who could not fight for themselves, WHO SACRIFICED EVERYTHING, EVERY LAST OUNCE OF HIS OWN SANITY TO MAKE LIFE BETTER FOR A STRANGER. AND THIS IS HOW YOU WOULD TREAT ME/MY FAMILY IF I DIED!?!?! THIS WORLD MAKES ME SICK. And This just goes to show how fucking ignorant half the college kids / minors out there are that they lash out with a harsh tongue against something that they know NOTHING about. You watch the news you say? That’s cute, media is controlled and censored you dumb fucks, even an insect is smart enough to know that. I almost really do want to blow my fucking brains out knowing that the shit I received in these messages  is the next generation of leaders,  YOU CALL ME A MURDER BUT YET MY FAMILY WOULDNT HAVE BEEN THE ONE TO COMMIT THOSE ACTIONS AND YET THIS IS THE WAY YOU TREAT ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!? THIS IS YOUR RATIONALITY? I CAN’T EVEN CALL IT RATIONALITY CAUSE YOU SIMPLY HAVE NONE IN THIS CASE, YOU CAME WITH YOUR GUNS LOADED, BUT THEY WERE LOADED WITH BLANKS, AND A LOT OF YOU FINALLY CAME OFF OF ANON TO TALK ALL THIS SHIT TO MY LOVED ONES. WAIT TILL I POST IT ALL AND MAKE IT PUBLIC. YOU CANT HIDE BEHIND THE GRAY FACE ANYMORE MOTHER FUCKERS. After 2 years of getting these messages every day you didn’t stop to think once about it, THAT I PLOTTED SLOWLY AND LAID IN WAKE LIKE A SNAKE IN THE GRASS TO FINALLY MAKE YOU SHOW YOUR FACE, TO MAKE YOU BLOW YOUR COVER. THE STRONG SURVIVE BITCH AND I AM THAT MUCH SMARTER THAN YOU ARE. WARS ARE NOT WON BY THE AMOUNT OF MEN YOU HAVE, GUNS YOU SHOOT, BOMBS YOU DROP OR SHIPS YOU CAN SINK, BUT BY OUTWITTING YOUR OPPONENT. 11 YEARS OF MY LIFE IN THIS MANS ARMY, 3 YEARS IN 2 WARS PLUS 3 SEPARATE ENGAGEMENTS IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES, WINNER OF 3 MEDALS AND PERSONALLY HANDED ME ONE BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, ALL I GAVE FOR THIS COUNTRY ALL I GAVE TO PROTECT YOUR FREEDOM, MY LIFE, MY TIME, MY SANITY, AND I ALSO USED A STAT COUNTER THAT LISTED THE IP ADDRESS AND LOCATION OF ALL OF YOU GREY FACED MOTHER FUCKERS, AND 90% OF YOU WERE FUCKING AMERICANS, MY OWN FUCKING COUNTRYMEN, YOUR FOREVER IN DEBT TO ME FOR MY SERVICE FOR YOUR SAFETY, AND I WANT NOTHING IN RETURN AND NEVER ASKED FOR ANYTHING IN RETURN AND NEVER WILL, IT JUST MAKES ME FUCKING SICK TO MY STOMACH THAT YOU OF ALL PEOPLE WOULD BE THE ONES TO BASH ME…..LASH OUT AT ME….BUT LIKE THE SAYING GOES IN CHRISTIANITY “FORGIVE THEM LORD FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY HAVE DONE” AND ALL OF YOU PUSSIES FALL UNDER THAT. SO YOU ARE FORGIVEN, BUT YOU WILL BE EXPOSED AND ALL OF YOUR BLOGS WILL BE TAGGED IN MY POST FUCKERS. I WIN YOU LOSE, THAT’S HOW ITS ALWAYS BEEN. My deepest apologies to all of my friend on this site who may have thought bad things happened to me. But when you get the amount of mail I do a day you get sick of it, and you eventually want to find a way to smoke the rats out of their hole and I did. This is Iheartastrid “Chris” letting you all know that I am alive and well. BETTER THEN EVER NOW. AND WHEN YOU FUCKERS GET TAGGED IN THE POST DONT TRY AND TALK YOUR WAY OUT OF IT CAUSE I GOT SCREEN SHOTS OF IT ALL. AND SOME OF YOU IN THE FANDOM WILL BE SHOCKED TO SEE WHO AMONGST US SENT SUCH HATEFUL MAIL TO A DEAD MAN. I hope you all are having a great weekend, cause I know I am.  A BEAUTIFUL ONE. AND while I am at it I also want to send a shot out to my amazingly beautiful and smart girlfriend Kaity “”  You are the love of my life babygirl. You have stuck by me through so much and never once let go, you are my everything forever and always girly. You are smarter than anyone I know and you are the best thing to ever happen to this LIFE. Middle fingers up to all of you assholes that fell into my trap, and FINALLY EXPOSED yourself off of anon, like I said the stat counter doesnt lie and the ip’s match, Yall can swallow a nut and suck my mufuckin dick you punk ass bitchmade pussies. Again sorry to those who were effected by this but I couldn’t break character. I will send you personal apology notes. LONG LIVE THE MOTHER FUCKING KING! That master post I am going to make is going to kill some of you in the fandom so you might as well back out while you can cause screen shots are going up with it, some of them I thought were my fucking friends. trust no one. 

Even though at some point in your life you are a hero, you always live long enough to see yourself become the Villain

This is the tumblr group hug. Pass it on.

Random compilation of some of my gun skins in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

In order: M4A4 , Bizon 9mm SMG, Galil .308 Israeli, P250 9mm , Flip Knife , Famas AR , M4A16 (M16) , USP .45 cal Tactical , AK-47 , Sig Sauer 556 AR

So old school, I am sure most of you have not even heard this one before. Grew up on this shit

You’re Prettiful! :P <33

Chemistry more like cheMYSTERY because i have no idea what’s going on